Over a very short period of time, the Ajou Embedded Intelligent Systems Laboratory has been privileged to attract an excellent group of student researchers, which are the basis of the wonderful research we do. Our lab also has many active research collaborations with researchers outside of Ajou University and even Korea for performing exciting research activities.

Current Members:

 Jaeyeon Park (Ph.D. Student)  Jaewon Choi (Ph.D. Student)  Seungmin Kim (Ph.D. Student)
 Jungmo Ahn (Ph.D. Student)  Eunseong Boo (Ph.D. Student)  Hyuksang Kwon (Masters Student)
 Woojin Nam (Masters Student)  Taewoo Kim (Undergrad Intern) Hyeonjung Park (Undergrad Intern)

External Collaborators:


- Seoul National University
Saewoong Bahk


- Korea University

- Chung-Ang University

- University of California at Berkeley
David Culler

- Singapore Management University
Youngki Lee
Rajesh K. Balan

- Swedish Institute of Computer Science
Thiemo Voigt 
Shahid Raza


Sun Kyo JeongBS 2017 

Taehwan Kim

Visiting Student 


Nakhyun Kim